What we do

Intelligence and planning

EUK offers a full political, regulatory and stakeholder identification and analysis service. By understanding our clients’ business imperatives – present and future – and their specific issues and concerns, we are able to build and maintain a bank of intelligence on which issues are likely to impact them in which territories, in what form, at what time and at whose instigation. Based on this we assist them to plan their strategy and the supporting engagement: deriving from the campaign objectives which stakeholders to communicate with at each stage of the regulatory process and identifying precisely what engagement channels, evidence, messages and advocacy will create the most compelling case for their desired outcome.

Practical support

Based around the agreed plan EUK can provide practical support to clients as they engage. This can range from drafting of letters and official submissions to consultations, through analysis of external policy papers and research studies to the research and drafting of advocacy materials, making contacts with relevant third parties, organising networking opportunities and working with trade associations and other membership bodies. It is our experience that the client is almost invariably the most welcome – and effective – advocate with stakeholders; however we can and do represent clients to legislators and regulators, where necessary, with full transparency.

Codes of Conduct

EUK Consulting Ltd is a member of Association of Political Consultants (APPC) in the UK. EUK Consulting sa is a member of The Society of European Affairs Professionals in Brussels (SEAP) and the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association (EPACA). EUK is also a signatory of the European Charter for Quality Internships and Apprenticeships.

The APPC Code of Conduct can be read here.
The SEAP Code of Conduct can be read here.
The EPACA Code of Conduct can be read here.

Bridging the gap

Working towards smart and appropriate regulation by building understanding between clients and their stakeholders. Strategic advice with practical support for clients large and small, to strict codes of professional conduct